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My overall goal for this class is to have my mind opened to a brave new world.  I fear I am knowledgeable about the tip of the iceberg only.  I am currently experiencing a steep learning curve that is informing me about why the things I have been doing for years, work.  It’s all about the right-brainedness of my students.  I am understanding WHY integrating drawing, visualizing, music and movement works for them.  I want to use technology to be able to do this more easily and in more different ways.  

I am also thinking about teacher training.  I just did a workshop that was highly successful and I think I can build an interactive website where folks could download customized packages of unique teaching tools that can be instantly used with individual students.  But I need to develop an audience.  I believe that means doing more teacher trainings.  Perhaps this class will also help me connect with folks who need what I have to offer.

I was anxious about taking the course because I feared being overwhelmed by the material and my lack of knowledge, but since viewing the videos and so easily creating a blog, my apprehensions are subsiding. 

This is my first online learning experience. I use quickbooks daily, and love the calendar and reminders in Outlook.  I am on facebook, but so far have found it inane and I avoid checking it.  I would like to make it more useful and relevant.  I watch youtube when my son wants to show me a band or watch a video of a broadway show tune he’ll be performing with his class; I check the weather so I know if I should do laundry.  Oh yeah, I participate actively with Brattleboro Freecycle and have signed up with Brattleboro Time Trade, but haven’t used it yet…and (I admit it!)  sometimes I look up information to help me solve crossword puzzles.

I have not blogged until today!  It’s exciting.

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I am interested to know if anyone else uses music to teach spelling.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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